Connecting & Celebrating At a Distance

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

We are SO inspired by all the creative ways people are commemorating special moments. So, we compiled our findings in a list below to share with you so you can party on (safely)! =)


Alternative Celebratory Ideas We're Loving

  • Garden Parties where everyone can maintain distance

  • Festive Signage & Decorations on Lawns/Porches (like the one pictured to the left by Artworks By Teri)

  • Drive-By Greetings / Car Parades

  • Intimate Gatherings with close friends and family

  • Zoom Get-Togethers (It's extra fun when you incorporate a theme)!

zoom party

Distance-Friendly Entertainment Options

  • Stilt Walkers They are already vertically distanced!

  • Living Red Carpet Also already vertically distanced!

  • Singing Telegrams For example, your niece being sung "Happy Birthday" by her favorite Princess.

  • Line Dance Extravaganza You name the dance, Electric Slide/Wobble, etc., our entertainers will explain and demonstrate it to your spaced-out guests. While the below video was pre-COVID, you can see some of the our dancers line dancing with guests at an outdoor party.

However you want to celebrate, PEP entertainers can safely help you do it!

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