Make your event unforgettable with a Living Table!

The Tables can carry any beverage, hors d'oeuvre, or item. Strolling around in the Living Table, the entertainer distributes your element of choice while greeting & interacting with your guests.

You can select one of the below styles, or request customization to your event theme.

Click the displayed images for details, and scroll down for some FAQ.

Greenery/Nature Table
Cakepop Christmas Table
Ice Princess
Gold Goddess
Unicorn-Themed Table
LED Champagne Table


How many glasses/goblets/flutes can the "Champagne" Table accommodate?

54 at one time. We recommend you designate somebody to be on-hand to facilitate re-stocking.

Are the Living Tables on wheels?

Yes, both tables are mobile/on-wheels.

Can a male be in the Living Table?

Of course! Just request that upon booking.

I'm not serving alcohol at this function, what else could a Living Table distribute?

Mocktails, soda, juice, dessert parfait, place-cards, programs, food, party items, name tags, or any other any item you would like us to pass out.

Can guests take photos of and/or with the Living Tables?

Absolutely! The Tables make great photo ops. (We can even incorporate your logo into a custom costume if you'd like brand exposure in the photos.)

How long are they on the floor?

Typically 90 minutes. This can be straight through or broken up into segments. However we are able to customize the duration to your needs.

Are they kid-friendly?


How high/tall are the tables?

42 inches. The entertainers inside are around 5'10" to ensure the tables reach their waist.

How wide are the tables?

The "Champagne" Table is 5 feet wide. The Flat-Top Table is 4 feet wide and can be broken down to fit through any doorway or space.

Living Table Intro Video

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