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We are Florida's leading source of Living (AKA Strolling) Tables!
Make your event
unforgettable with the addition of this glamorous AND functional focal point which can distribute beverages, hors d'oeuvres, party favors, & more...

Strolling around in the Living Table, the entertainer passes out your object of choice while greeting & interacting with your guests. They also make an incredible photo op!

You can select one of the below styles, or request customization to your event theme.

Scroll down for more videos + FAQ.

tampa gala strolling table
closeup of silver strolling table
flagger college event
Western Christmas Strolling Table
Tampa florida living table
florida strolling table
florida wedding strolling table
vero beach event strolling table
florida strolling table
halloween entertainers florida
innisbrook resort event strolling table
Strolling Table at Grand Bohemian Hotel
strolling table Costa d'Este Resort
florida strolling tables
florida strolling table
strolling table Oak Harbor Country Club
Strolling Champagne Table
LED Champagne Table
Strolling Tbl Halloween.jpg
christmas entertainment in central florida
Wedding at Costa d'Este Resort in Vero Beach
strolling table vero beach florida
florida strolling table
cirque champagne skirt
Champagne event Orlando, FL



Are Living Tables the same as Strolling Tables?

Yes! They have various names, such as Champagne Skirts, Living Dresses, and Live Tables.


What's the difference between the Tables?

One version of our Living Tables is tiered, and the other version has a flat-top.


How many Living Tables do you have available?

Four total. We have two tiered Tables, and two flat-top Tables.



















How many glasses/goblets/flutes can each Table accommodate?

Around 55.

PRO TIP: We recommend you designate an individual, such as a server from the catering team, to facilitate re-stocking of the Table's contents.

Are the Living Tables on wheels?

Yes, all our Living Tables are mobile/on-wheels. *Please note they cannot go up stairs or up different levels.

Can a male be in the Living Table?

Of course! Please specify that when booking.

So what can a Living Table distribute?

Any beverage, dessert parfait, place-cards, programs, food, party items, name tags, or any other item you'd like to give to your guests.

Can guests take photos of and/or with the Living Tables?

Absolutely! The Tables make terrific photo ops.

PRO TIP: Station the Table at the front of your event to create a step-and-repeat photo/welcome experience for your guests.

How long are they on the floor?

Typically 90 minutes. This can be straight through or broken up into segments. However, we are able to customize the duration to your needs.

Are they kid-friendly?


How high/tall are the tables?

Nearly 4 feet. The entertainers inside are around 5'10" to ensure the tables reach their waist.

How wide are the tables?

The tiered Table is around 5 feet wide. The flat-Top Table is about 4 feet wide. Both Tables can be broken down to fit through any doorway or space.

What types of glassware fit into the tiered Table?

Almost any glass with a stem!

strolling table abbey orlando
florida champagne dress
florida strolling table
vero beach wedding

Living Tables

Living Tables

Living Tables
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Living Table - Ruby Gala

Living Table - Ruby Gala

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Cava Reception at Flagler College

Cava Reception at Flagler College

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Guest dancing with Table

Guest dancing with Table

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Want to see more?

Click here​ to see examples of past events with our Living Tables!

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