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Our mission is to surprise and delight your guests with our entertainment.


Our values support that mission and are: Professionalism, Passion, Community, and Curiosity.

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We pride ourselves on 360° of professionalism. This encompasses:

* Responding promptly to communications

* Being prepared for every event

* Respecting diverse beliefs

* Wearing appropriate attire, etc.

It also includes the caliber of our entertainers, as they are not amateurs. These individuals are professionals who possess years of training and experience, and they devote their life to their craft.


Passion fuels purpose, and we love what we do! That's vital because it enables us to share that passion with our audiences. We provide entertainers, but we consider guests the true stars.

We want guests to walk away feeling happy, invigorated, and ready to dance through life!


While our team of leaders and entertainers have traveled around the world advancing their expertise, we are fortunate that they now call Central Florida home. PEP is based in Orlando and hires local entertainers, designers, costumers, choreographers, makeup artists, and other individuals who are residents of the area. Because we are a part of this community, we care about the impact we have on our fellow residents.


We've heard it recommended that one should be a learner (not a "knower"), and here at PEP - we wholeheartedly agree. To us, curiosity signifies the desire to imagine greatly and dig deeper to find new and creative solutions. These solutions are often fresh and interesting offerings for our clients! Curiosity means we continue to move forward as an innovative and ever-evolving company.

Let's Work Together

If you are looking for top-notch entertainment and are a fan of our mission and values, contact PEP to make your next event spectacular!

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