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Quote FAQ

What details will be in the quote/proposal you send?

This proposal lists out details such as what the entertainment will be, how many entertainers there will be, what type of costumes they'll be wearing, and when they'll be performing. We never want you to pay for something you don't want or need, which is why we treat every quote as unique.

Will my quote have an expiry date?

Yes. To secure your quote at the current rate, there will be a date listed for when payment is due to reserve at that rate.

I changed my mind and want to change my quote request. Can I?

Of course! A quote is not an end-all be-all. If you would like something altered, we can further discuss the matter to find a scenario that works for everyone! Be sure to request any changes prior to completing your booking.

How is my quote created?

Check out our PEPtalks Blog article to learn more about what goes into your quote.

What information should I include in my quote request?

The more detailed info, the better! Please see suggestions below:

Flamenco Dancer in Florida
Orlando Hip-Hop Dancers
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