Bang for your Buck: What Goes Into Your Quote?

Updated: Jun 1

If you’re not in the entertainment industry, you might be unsure about how we calculate your quote. So, to give you a peek behind the curtain, we wanted to clarify everything you get when hiring our fabulous performers and quality entertainment services.

We Do Start-to-Finish Production

As an entertainment production company, we do a lot of work to create concepts and bring those ideas to life. For every event, we gather details about you, your event, & what you’re looking for in entertainment. It gives us a better understanding of the type of entertainers logistically/operationally possible for you.

Let’s say you’d love some stilt walkers at your event. We determine whether or not the venue has suitable conditions to make it safe for stilt walkers such as ceiling height and type of flooring. These are situations easily overlooked by someone with less experience.

We also take a look at the demographics of your audience to ensure appropriateness (we don’t want cabaret performers at a child’s birthday party!) and we, of course, take your budget into account. This administrative, time-consuming work of assessing all details is no small feat.

Casting and Talent Booking

For this, let’s use an example from a custom show we produced back in October 2018. It was a love story, showcased by a male and female dancer along with an MC - who piped in with his “wisdom”.

To put a show like this together, there’s a lot involved when it comes to casting. Among our talent pool, we had to figure out who was the best fit for these roles. The dancers had to be available (these are busy people!), versatile, the right height (could they successfully partner together?), and proficiency in a technical dance style with the ability to express the emotions needed for the piece. And that’s just to get the dancers on board!

Then, we needed to find an MC that not only fit the role (we were going for a suave/Corny Collins/retro vibe) but we needed someone who was comfortable following a script with the ability to improvise since, after all, this is LIVE entertainment.

Bringing together even just a three-person cast takes a lot of time in the casting department. We want our shows to mesh well and finding exceptional performers is part of what goes into your quote. We compile a list of these "right-fit" entertainers, check if they’re available, and then assemble the rockstar cast. Then, the rehearsal process begin!


We’re committed to making the vision for your event come to life. So, when you mention a theme, we’re ready to take it on and deliver a dazzling product that fits the bill.

It starts with costume fittings where our performers come in for measurements, which we record into our database. Then, we either hand-make or gather costume pieces and accessories - think head pieces, gloves, accessories, you name it - to create a complete look. If alterations are needed, our entertainers might come in for a few more fittings and voila! - beautiful costumes that are themed and ready to delight your guests.

So, part of your quote goes to the creation and sourcing of gorgeous, unique costumes.


Most of our talent is based in Orlando and sometimes our gigs require travel. Wherever your event is located, we make sure the performers arrive on-time with everything they need. Whether that’s providing transportation or making sure the talent is compensated for their travel, this is all factored into a quote.


Besides all of these necessities, there could be other factors affecting your quote like the time of year, weekday vs. weekend, distance from central FL, and how far in advance we receive your booking.

Each event is unique and we pride ourselves on providing custom entertainment. You won’t see a carbon copy waltzing around at another person’s event. We put all our energy into each and every client’s wishes.

We also pride ourselves on taking care of our performers. When you work with us, you’re supporting entertainers who often are offered “exposure” and “experience” without a fair wage for their talents. We thank you for being a part of our team to ensure these professionals are paid fairly.

We’re confident that you’ll get the most bang for your buck at PEP, and we look forward to working with you!

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