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Top 5 Tips for Selecting and Booking Entertainment

A blank canvas be simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. Our tips can help guide you on your journey to pick the ideal entertainment for your next event!

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TIP #1: Decide how interactive you want your entertainment

This boils down to the occasion, and your guests. Is this going to be a scenario with a crowd who will be sitting back, relaxing and enjoying a performance? And/or, are these guests going to be grooving on the dance floor themselves? We offer a range from highly interactive, such as actors greeting and engaging with attendees throughout an event, to pure show (where guests are in the audience watching), to a mix of both! FYI- We call the most interactive form of entertainment "atmosphere entertainment," as these performers create an immersive experience. Once you put some thought into what would work best for your event, you'll have a framework for which entertainment to request to meet that goal.

You can learn more about booking our Atmosphere Entertainment at this page.

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TIP #2: Decide if you want a theme, and if so, how important is it for your entertainment to reinforce the theme?

Not every event has a theme, it is totally up to you! Sometimes, an event doesn't have a theme, but it does have a specific color scheme. For example, if you're hosting a Ruby Ball fundraiser, you may love to have our Living Table entertainer in a red gown. Or, if you're having a Roaring 20s themed wedding, ensure the dancers performing at the reception use a 1920s-inspired song and wear gorgeous Gatsby costumes. This customization can make all the difference to ensure your theming takes center stage.

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gatsby event florida

TIP #3: Be as communicative as possible

As much as we want to read your mind, we unfortunately don’t have that superpower! But we pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations, so we want to fully understand your vision for entertainment. The more details you can share, the better we can formulate the offerings that will be perfect for your event. For example, if we ask for the dimensions of your dance floor, it's so we can maximize the space to make the dancers' performance as impactful and impressive as possible. If you don't have the dance floor dimensions, maybe you can provide another nugget that will be helpful, such as a photo of the floor from a previous event, or an approximation. We never ask anything just for the kicks, it is always so we can craft the BEST entertainment for you and your guests. 

dancers orlando florida

TIP #4: Book as early as you can

We know you have to iron out a lot of logistics, such as confirming the venue, guest list, food and beverage, decor, and more. But we recommend you book entertainment as soon as possible. Reason being - we can offer the most competitive rates when we have a long runway leading up to an event. That's not to say we can't accommodate quicker turn-arounds (we once got a booking in the morning for an event occurring that evening), however, those last-minute requests come with a heftier price tag. Getting us on the books earlier also takes stress off of you! Rush planning isn't fun for anyone, and think about what you can do with the money you'll be saving by booking early! 

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TIP #5: Remember to enjoy the process!

We 100% understand that planning takes a lot of work! But, what helps us is imagining the delighted looks on your guests' faces as our entertainers WOW them with their talent and sincere desire to bring joy to any event we're a part of. 


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