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How to Select the Perfect Theme for Your Event

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Party themes obviously aren’t a requirement when throwing an event. After all, you never need a reason to celebrate... Yet, themed parties and events are always a huge hit - so we definitely recommend incorporating a theme into your party planning!

Santa and Mrs. Claus in florida

Our clients usually come to us with one of three conundrums:

  • You aren’t sure where to start when choosing a theme.

  • You already have a theme in mind and you want to add entertainment to the mix.

  • You’re throwing a party to celebrate a holiday but want to somehow make it more unique (for example, Christmas with a Western twist!)

So, if any of these sound like you, keep reading! We’re sharing our best tips on all things party themes.

Go With the Season!

performers at vero heritage center

Get inspiration for your next party theme by going with the seasons! It may seem simple (and it is), but natural seasonal changes are always so beautiful and make stunning event themes.

At PEP, we offer breathtaking Winter Wonderland entertainment options for when the air gets chilly as well as gorgeous Living Greenery for the springtime. In short, whichever seasonal theme you choose, we’ve got entertainment options to match.

Holiday entertainment oak harbor vero

Holidays with a Twist

While holiday themes make classic backdrops for an event, why not give your holiday festivities a twist?!

Host a Christmas in July Party for your friends or plan an Ugly Xmas Sweater theme for your end of the year work party! For Halloween, don’t go for the generalized spooky stuff. Make it dynamic by layering a theme on top of a theme. For example, plan a Freaky Circus Party for Halloween!

halloween entertainment florida

You might also theme your party around fun, little-known holidays that happen throughout the year. Some examples include:

Dancer and Emoji costume in florida

  • Science Fiction Day, January 2nd

  • National Umbrella Day, February 10th

  • National Unicorn Day, April 9th

  • National Ice Cream Day, third Sunday in July

  • World Emoji Day, July 17th

  • National Ugly Sweater Day, Friday before Christmas

These themes have the unique advantage of being non-denominational so can be well suited for events which will have attendees from a variety of backgrounds, such as fundraisers or corporate functions.

Travel Through Time

Let’s be honest, time travel fascinates us! So, why not go backward or forward in time for your party theme?!

great gatsby performers lakeland event

event dancers orlando florida

Transport your guests back in time to your favorite era, perhaps a Roaring 20s or Disco theme. Or travel forward with a futuristic theme – we’ve got you covered with our fun LED costumes!

These time traveling ideas are sure to be unforgettable for your guests.

International Geographic

flamenco and salsa dancer florida

Take your guests on a trip around the world with an international theme for your event. From the food to the entertainment, travel themed parties are always a hit.

  • Transport your guests to Paris or Las Vegas with glamorous showgirls.

  • Make an event extra spicy with our suave salsa dancers.

  • Plan a tropical Hawaiian-inspired luau with hula dancers and poke bowls.

With the whole world out there to inspire you, the options are truly endless!

Let’s plan your next theme together to create the event of your dreams, complete with the best entertainment in Orlando. Contact PEP today!

Showgirls and Red Carpet orlando florida


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