Specialty Trays

Traditional and 360degree Trays

Whether you are passing out party favors, mocktails, or cocktails, our specialty trays are extremely portable and work with any venue/space!

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Our trays can be fashioned to complement any costume & match the ambiance of any occasion, whether it be vintage, futuristic, or anything in between!


The entertainer can be stationed in one spot or traverse the space, & can

greet guests + offer directions, all while staying in character that’s true to your theme.

Our trays also create unique photo-ops & our entertainers

love interacting with your guests.

You can choose from our:

Traditional Trays {Rectangular  |  Available in multiple colors}

360degree Trays {Circular  |  Clear + Can be accessorized with LEDs or other accessories}

These offerings are certainly not something you see every day and

guests truly get a thrill from the novelty of it!