What is Atmosphere Talent?

Updated: May 8

It’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask!

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Atmosphere talent, AKA atmosphere entertainment or "atmo", offer a variety of services. Overall, atmo helps bring your event to life by energizing the atmosphere in the room. These performers can also take on functional tasks (of course staying in character the entire time), such as passing out items and guiding guests in the right direction. What may seem like a small gesture can really take your party, conference, or premiere to whole new levels.

So, let’s get into it. What are some popular atmosphere entertainment options and why should you hire them for your next event?

Roaming Actors and Characters

Atmosphere talent in the form of actors and characters help to set the mood of your party. They’re especially beneficial for themed events that truly help take the vibe over the top - in the best way!

Say you’re hosting a benefit gala in a Gatsby theme. You tell people to dress up and play the part, but let’s be honest - it’s hard enough to get people to put on their formal attire, let alone add some feathers and pearls to the mix. That’s not to say all your attendees won’t get into the spirit, but chances are you’ll need some help revving up the theme.

That’s where atmo talent in the form of roaming actors and characters comes into play. We have costumes for every major theme you can think of - and if we don’t, we’re happy to provide custom entertainment for your unique ideas. Staying in full character the entire time, atmo entertainers bring the era to life in ways that decorations and dress codes can’t quite capture.

Retro rollerskate girls

Stilt Walkers

One of our most popular kinds of atmosphere talent is our fabulous stilt walkers. You’ve probably seen them at theme parks and music festivals, but now, they can be a part of your show-stopping event.

Or think of a larger than life superhero playing games at your little one’s birthday party! The options are endless.

Especially suitable for larger and/or outdoor events, stilt walkers bring a WOW factor that is unlike anything else. We can create a stilt walker look for any occasion to really add some pizazz to your party.

Party Motivators

Party motivators are what they sound like - they motivate the party! If you’ll be playing music and you hope to have people dancing the night away, this is the atmo entertainment for you.

When you hire our party motivators, you’ll be supplied with high-energy, super charismatic dancers who know how to get people out of their seats. These dancers are well-versed in all the popular dances like the Cha Cha Slide, Electric Slide, Macarena, Cupid Shuffle, and more!

Party motivators are perfect for weddings, sweet sixteens, quinceañeras, and New Years’ Eve parties. Always full of pizzazz and ready to dance with your guests, people won’t be able to stay in their seats with a party motivator on the scene.

Living Tables

Our totally customizable Living Tables can carry beverages, hors d’oeuvres, or items of your choice as they stroll the event floor, delighting everyone they pass.

The drinks and items are held in the dress of the entertainer wearing it and it's completely mobile. It’s certainly not something you see every day and guests get a thrill from the novelty of it!

Gatsby Living Table

Atmo Talent - Affordable and Effective Entertainment

More than just an exciting entertainment option, atmosphere talent is truly effective and so much more than you might think. So, what else can our atmo performers do?

Serve Drinks or Pass Out Party Favors

Our Living Tables and atmosphere actors are available to walk around with beverages if you’d like. It’s a great way to get your guests talking to the entertainment and really having a good time. Party favors are fun to give out as well whether it’s light up gear to pump up the dance floor or donor forms to encourage people to give money to your charity.

Available for Photo Ops

Our performers love taking photos with your guests and are always happy to play photographer as well. In this day and age of social media, it’s usually in your best interest to encourage people to take photos and share how much fun they had, especially if you’re a business. Our atmo talent is effective at helping spread the word about your event and having them on-hand amplifies dissemination of your brand.

Greeting People and Offering Help

Atmosphere talent is also a great way to set the tone of your event. Our entertainers can greet guests and offer directions, all while staying in character that’s true to your theme. It’s a watering two plants with one hose situation as our entertainers are helpful + entertaining!

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