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Benefits of In-House Makeup Artists

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

There are so many tiny (but very important) details that go into running a successful event. One of those tiny details that really matters is the quality of makeup worn by performers.

Lion tamer makeup

So, here, we are talking about the amazing benefits of hiring an entertainment company like PEP that can bring along an in-house makeup artist to your event. Trust us, it makes such a difference.

Enjoy this fun time lapse video of one of PEP's makeup artists creating some incredible looks for a spooky Halloween event.

Benefit #1: Reliability

living leaves performer

When you hire an entertainment production company with an in-house makeup artist, you can rely on the whole team to get the job done. At PEP, we go above and beyond to make your event the best it can be, never hesitating to pull out all the stops.

With everyone from the performers to the event managers to the makeup artists under the same umbrella, you can be sure they are reliable.

Benefit #2: Higher Quality

While there are a ton of incredible freelance makeup artists out there, we bring our vetted experts along when there is a specific makeup look required. Especially for full-out events like Halloween, makeup is a huge part of the event experience.

So, we ensure that the makeup is top-notch and only of the highest quality. When you work with PEP, you’ll also have access to qualified makeup professionals that you can count on. After all, being in entertainment for as long as we have, we know a professional makeup job when we see one.

As you can see, our makeup artists use amazing tools like air brush makeup machines which are both effective and hygienic. Regardless of the look you want, our makeup artists can deliver.

Benefit #3: Ensure a Cohesive Look

Another reason why hiring a production company with an in-house makeup artist is so important is to ensure that you are getting a cohesive look for your event.

At PEP, we are all on the same page when we plan your showstopping event.

florida performer

With us, you will not have to worry about the makeup not quite matching the costume or theme.

We understand that a truly amazing event comes down to the details. By bringing along a makeup artist, we can get those details right and it really makes a difference.

Benefit #3: One-Stop-Shop

Another time- and money-saving benefit is that hiring an event entertainment company that brings along their own makeup artist means less work for you! You no longer need to research/hire anyone else.

If you have requested a certain makeup look, we will make sure that it is taken care of by our makeup professionals. That means one less invoice for you to deal with and one less call to make. Sit back and relax – we will take care of the entertainment and everything that goes along with it.

orlando makeup artist

Check out this interview with one of our makeup artists Sean where he explains how he’s also a performer and his love for all things makeup and Halloween.

You can hire the best performers at the most amazing venue! However, if the entertainers are not in quality makeup, you will be left wondering why things were not as amazing as they could be.

For specialized makeup looks, we will bring along one of our talented in-house makeup artists to ensure your event is perfect, down to the very last detail.



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