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Putting the Roaring in the 20s: The 4 Cornerstones to a Roaring Good Time!

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Great Gatsby theming is eternally iconic. But the Roaring 1920s is especially on point because we are currently in the 2020s!

If you want to pay homage to all things speakeasy, read on to discover the four cornerstones you need...

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Cornerstone #1: DECOR

roaring 20s event orlando

To transport your guests to a bygone era -- you must transform the environment. This starts with decor!

It's no secret that a hidden entryway, such as a bookshelf that becomes a door, creates intrigue and excitement for guests as they arrive. PRO TIP: If you don't have the set-up potential for a disguised entry, another option is to incorporate a password element! Whether it's one of our performers or someone from your team, station someone at the front who will not let partygoers pass until they murmur the correct password! You can include this password on your invitations, or send them to guests once they RSVP!

Once in the main event area, focus on creating opulence. While furnishings and linens can meet this goal, this can also be accomplished by incorporating accessories such as feathers, balloons, and crystals. Signage and large props/set pieces (such as a lifesize birdcage) are also phenomenal add-ons!

1920s event florida

dancer in bird cage

Regarding colors -- Gold and black are classic art deco shades. White and silver can be elegant accent hues. If you're craving bold & vivid, look to jewel tones such as emerald, burgundy, and sapphire.

Cornerstone #2: DRESS CODE

Gatsby dress code is minimal effort, maximum impact! Your guests will not have to spend hours on special makeup, or break the bank trying to find a fitting ensemble. For dames, we recommend any frock with a fringe! Pearls, rhinestones & feathers are perfect for headpieces and jewelry. If you're feeling adventurous, don a themed wig! For gents, a suit is ideal. Pinstripes are always fun, and accessories can be hats, bow ties, pocket squares, and suspenders!

gatsby event orlando fl

gatsby event ocala equestrian hotel

Cornerstone #3: LIBATIONS

ocala equestrian hotel event

This decade was all about indulgence and decadence! Anything bubbly is always a hit, whether it's champagne solo or jazzed up as a champagne cocktail! Bourbon and whiskey also create vintage-feeling cocktails that guests are sure to love. Check out some of our favorite 1920s-inspired cocktails below...

speakeasy event florida

gatsby cocktails

PRO TIP: Spotlight Champagne at your event with a Living Table and a Tower!

champagne at gatsby event

strolling table edison disney springs

Cornerstone #4: ENTERTAINMENT

roaring 20s dancers florida

Last but certainly not least, entertainment is the final piece of the puzzle needed to bring this decade to life. Themed characters such as Flappers, Gangsters, & Coppers (pictured below) ensure an interactive and immersive atmosphere. Choreographed performances bring glitz and glamour center stage. For all of our entertainment options, head to our Roaring 20s page.

1920s copper

We truly hope these four cornerstones {Decor, Dress Code, Libations, & Entertainment} help you build the Gatsby event of your dreams. Get in touch today so that we can take care of the entertainment portion! Cheers!


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