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4 Reasons Why Showgirls Enhance an Event!

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Perhaps you're hosting a grand opening event? Or your occasion features a Vegas or Paris theme. If you desire to enhance your event, read on to learn how PEP's glamorous Showgirls can help you accomplish that goal!

Vegas Showgirl in Florida

#1: Create a WOW Factor

Just imagine..... your guests are arriving in style and all jazzed up about what your event has in store for them. What better way to dazzle them at the entrance than with these stunning dancers! Showgirls create a glamorous focal point for photos and can provide a step-and-repeat opportunity!

#2: Entertain Your Guests with a Performance

PEP's Showgirls are highly trained versatile dancers who grew up studying a variety of genres including classical ballet, jazz technique, contemporary, and musical theater styles. When not performing at events with PEP, they grace the stages of professional shows locally and beyond. This work can include on national touring shows, cruise ships, theme parks and in Las Vegas. They can showcase this experience and expertise with a show-stopping performance for your guests. You can find some past performances of our Showgirls here on our website.

#3: Motivate Your Guests to Dance

Sometimes we just need a little encouragement! If your guests may be timid to join in on the dance floor, you can count on PEP's Showgirls to get your guests moving and grooving alongside them!

#4: Bring a Theme to Life

Decor and music and a dress code can help create a themed atmosphere, but only performers can truly bring a theme alive. Your guests will love interacting with these larger-than-life entertainers!

Florida Showgirls



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