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4 Reasons Why Your Guests Will Love Living Tables

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Whether you're hosting a holiday party or planning a just-because bash, we can guarantee your event attendees will be WOWed by our Living Tables (AKA Strolling Tables, Champagne Dresses, Living Dresses, & Live Tables). Read on to discover the top 4 reasons!

strolling table abbey orlando

Reason #1: They're NOVEL

champagne dress orlando florida

It's certainly not every day your guests are greeted by one of these! In fact, it may well be the first time they've ever encountered one. We love seeing smiles spread across their faces as they enjoy this unique offering. Our Tables also make a great photo op so your guests can capture their unforgettable evening and enjoy the memory forever!

disney springs event

Reason #2: They're FUNCTIONAL

Some say function over fashion, but we say - Why pick when you can have both! In addition to our Living Tables being eye-catching, they serve a great purpose, which is passing out your items or beverages. As you can see below, our Flat-Top version can display and distribute candy for Halloween, or place cards for a wedding! *PRO TIP - Attach place cards to champagne flutes for extra impact!* And last but not least, they're mobile! Since our Living Tables are on wheels, they can stroll around and reach all of your attendees.

florida strolling table

ritz carlton wedding florida

Reason #3: They're CUSTOMIZABLE

strolling table florida event

Our Tables can be designed to complement any theme, from Hollywood to Halloween, and everything in-between. Or, does your event have specific theme colors? For instance, the decor and dress code for the event to the right was all white, so we were able to transform our Living Table accordingly! Hosting a Red Carpet themed gala? Look no further as we are able to combine two of our most popular services, our Living Red Carpet and our Living Table! Guests are greeted by a twenty foot long red carpet trailing from her dress, providing a glamorous, dynamic welcome.

living red carpet orlando florida

Reason #4: They're INTERACTIVE

The PEP entertainers within the Tables are genuinely that... entertainers! They are charismatic and welcoming and love interacting with event guests. Whether it's by dancing with them or saying a clever remark, our entertainers are sure to bring smiles to your guests' faces!

champagne dress florida

As you can see, guests will be delighted if Living Tables are at your next soiree! Reach out to us with any questions, and see our Tables in action at the video gallery on our Living Tables page.




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