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Creative Ways to Distribute Items to Your Guests

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

When you host a party, usually you don’t want your guests empty-handed! Whether you’d like them holding a chilled flute of champagne or perusing a brochure, your guests have to get these items somehow. Here at PEP, we offer several creative yet pragmatic ways to do so which will leave your guests surprised and delighted!

Specialty Trays

cypress grove event orlando

cypress grove event orlando

360° Trays

As you can see, our 360° acrylic trays can be fashioned to complement any costume!

The entertainer can be stationed in one spot or traverse the space. The ideal contents include desserts, paper objects, and party favors.

They certainly pique curiosity and will start some buzz with your guests!

Traditional Trays

Saloon cigarette girls orlando

These Trays have been referred to throughout history as "cigarette" trays but contrary to their nickname, these Trays can pass out anything!

Traditional vintage cigarette girls originated in the Roaring Twenties and were popular in speakeasies and supper clubs. Besides cigars and cigarettes, they distributed other items such as candy, chewing gum, flowers, novelty items, libations and various vittles. Once Prohibition ended, they were often seen in theatres, music halls, sporting events, and in Hollywood! They became a cultural staple of the time and their popularity continues to present day.

cigar girl oxford exchange
Our Tray at Oxford Exchange in Tampa, Florida.

LED performers florida

Since we’ve entered the 20s decade in a NEW century, the cigarette girl is new and modernized! She can match the ambiance of any occasion, whether it be vintage, futuristic, or anything in between.

Let PEP’s cigarette girls welcome guests and pass out your items of choice at your next event, such as fun party favors that light up the dance floor!

Living Tables

If you are seeking an unforgettable WOW-factor, our Living Tables are the answer! These are entertainers who literally embody a table and they are an eye-catching, engaging way to distribute any item, whether it be champagne, hors d'oeuvres, place cards, etc. There are two different versions of the Table, and both are mobile/on-wheels so they are able to stroll around!

Our tiered Table (seen above) is sometimes referred to as our ‘Champagne Table,’ and can distribute any glass with a stem, such as a flute, goblet, or wine glass. An interesting twist is for this Table to hold dessert parfaits! This Table can accommodate around 55 glasses at one time, and there are many design possibilities if you are wanting customization of the costuming to a specific theme.

Our flat-top Table, seen below, can carry absolutely anything and everything! So you can get creative with that! In the photo below, place cards were attached to the flutes. So along with their welcome beverage, guests would find their seating assignment.

PEP's Living Tables are truly a foolproof way to get your guests talking to the entertainment and having a fabulous time! All of the entertainers we’ve mentioned can greet guests and offer directions, all while staying in character that’s true to your theme. It’s a watering two plants with one hose situation as our entertainers are helpful + entertaining! Our trays and tables also make unique photo-ops and our entertainers love interacting and taking photos with your guests.

florida serving tray

Our offerings are certainly not something you see every day and guests truly get a thrill from the novelty of it. Reach out to us today to explore how we can work with you on your next event!




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