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Get the Party Started with Dance Instruction

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Looking for a way to break the ice, boost health benefits, and have fun at your event? Look no further! We can provide in-person dance lessons (or virtual lessons!) to liven up any gathering.

orlando fl line dancing

Benefits of Dance Lessons at Your Next Event

It’s immersive - and always ends up a crowd favorite!

As humans, we’re often set in our ways. So, if someone doesn't consider themself a dancer, they may need that extra encouragement and vote of confidence, which is what our instructors provide. We want those at your event to have an interactive and memorable experience! So, what should you do? Feature a dance lesson at your event!

When you bring our entertainer to host a dance lesson at your event, it gets people out of their normal groove and into a fun dancin' groove! By breaking the norm, it’s hard not to smile during the process!

General Benefits of Dance

Dance provides numerous benefits, both mentally and physically. It's a great outlet for emotions, and a natural tension reliever like other forms of physical exercise are. While adults are more self-conscious, once that wall is broken down we see tremendous amounts of laughter, happiness, and fun! It’s the perfect way to get your party started while helping everyone feel comfortable and excited to participate in the event.

orlando fl dance teacher

Remember - You don't need any prior dance experience!

You might be nervous that a dance lesson at your event will be too advanced for someone with little-to-no dance experience. We have great news for you, our choreography can be set to any skill level, including beginner!

Whether you’ve never stepped foot on a dance floor or you’re a professional dancer, our dance instruction is completely customizable. We can cover almost any style of dance, including:

  • Western line dances such as Boot Scootin' Boogie and Achy Breaky Heart

  • Retro line dances such as Electric Slide and Hustle

  • Contemporary favorites such as Cupid Shuffle and the Wobble

  • Ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, and more!

  • Folk dances from other countries such as Flamenco (from Spain), and Schuhplattler (from Germany)

themed dancers in florida

To bring your event full circle, after we teach a dance to your guests, later, our professional dancers can do a performance to top off the night! This option involves the guests in the entertainment at the outset, and later allows them to sit back, relax, and enjoy a show.

Virtual Instruction and Live Performance at your Event

We recently collaborated with Gifford Youth Achievement Center, an organization dedicated to student success. They were hosting a disco-themed fundraiser and wanted their students to do a live performance! So, a PEP choreographer prepared a video dance tutorial for the G.Y.A.C. students which they used to learn the dance remotely. On event day, the students performed!

dancers in rehearsal orlando fl
PEP Choreographer and PEP Dancers breaking down disco choreography in the custom video tutorial.
Gifford youth achievement center
G.Y.A.C. students performing the disco moves!

Everything was planned around the Disco theme, as our services can always be tailored to suit your event's specifications! And, as you can see below, our dancers also performed their own showstopping routine at the fundraiser.

florida disco event

If this sounds like something you want to offer at your next event, we’d love to customize this format to fit your theme, difficulty level, time allotted, and whatever else is needed!

Want to ensure a memorable, fun, and unique experience for your party guests? Hire PEP for dance instruction and/or performances at your next event!




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