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Creepy Circus Halloween

Updated: May 6

ringmaster orlando event
Creepy Ringmaster

Event Location: Golf Club, Lakeland, Florida

Event Type: Halloween Party

Client Request: Create an immersive circus atmosphere with creepy characters!

halloween circus event Florida
Lion Tamer

Step Right Up!! Our Creepy Ringmaster welcomed guests upon arrival, warning them they were about to enter the freakiest circus they've ever been to! As they ventured into the hallway, our slashed Lion Tamers passed out themed beverages from our 360degree Trays.

halloween beverages orlando

The show must always go on, so to keep the scene buzzing, our Party Motivators (Creepy Clowns & Creepy Fortune Tellers) were on the dance floor all night!

halloween dancers orlando

Regardless of your specific theme, PEP can help you spook-ify your next Halloween event!

halloween performers orlando


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