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Garden Graveyard

concierge orlando event
Graveyard Keeper

Event Location: Golf Club, Lakeland, Florida

Event Type: Halloween Party

Client Request: Bring a graveyard to life with interactive actors

halloween event Florida
Graveyard Goddess

Do you dare to trespass? Our Graveyard Keeper did not appreciate guests tromping all over his graveyard grounds! ;) He was lurking behind corners, on the lookout for not only wandering guests, but for the bride + groom zombies who had escaped from their graves. {But these zombies stayed out of the Graveyard Keeper's clutches! They interacted with guests all night and kept the party going!}

zombie halloween actors orlando

When guests first entered, they reacted with delightful fright at our Graveyard Keeper. He set the tone from the moment they crossed the threshold.

Then, they had to pass the garden archway where our Goddess was blending in with the scenery. Some saw her coming, some did not...

halloween entertainment orlando

halloween entertainment orlando

Deadset on hosting a harrowing Halloween event? We have the tools to create it. Reach out today, if you dare...


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