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Twilight Terror Hotel

Updated: May 6

concierge orlando event
Concierge Character

Event Location: Golf Club, Lakeland, Florida

Event Type: Halloween Party

Client Request: Immerse guests in a

terror-ific hotel setting with our interactive characters.

halloween event Florida
Champagne Greeter

Check-In If You Dare!! Our Concierge welcomed guests upon arrival, giving guests a key to their respective room {in reality- this key was a take-home keepsake!}. Guests were also treated to a cordial glass of bubbly from our glamorous Champagne Greeter.

To continue the hotel vibe, we provided some helpful yet mischievous bellhops! They interacted with guests all night and kept the party going! They also helped out pass out awards to the winners of the costume contest!

To ensure these performers looked the part, we brought along one of our talented, transformative makeup artists to work their magic! Learn more about our special effects makeup process here!

special event orlando

special effects makeup orlando

No detail is spared when we prepare entertainment for an event. We can't wait to elevate your next event! (Speaking of elevate, check out the faux elevator in the photo below! One of the coolest backdrops we've ever encountered!)

halloween actors orlando



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