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Host the Ultimate Red Carpet Event

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Taking cues from the Academy Awards and Hollywood movie premieres, red carpets are a glamorous statement that ooze pizazz and are sure to have everyone talking. It’s no wonder red carpets have become a popular addition to parties and events!

living red carpet florida

Here at PEP, we elevate traditional red carpets (literally AND figuratively). Taking pride in bringing your events to the next level, we can’t wait for you to experience this exciting offering.

ritz carlton event amelia island

WOW Your Guests With PEP's Living Red Carpet

With glitz and glamour at every turn, our Living Red Carpet adds an element of sophistication to your event as soon as the guests arrive. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or social event, everyone will know that they came to the right place when she welcomes them.

Twenty feet of luxurious red carpet leads to a stunning focal point - our fabulous PEP entertainer standing approximately eight feet tall. She will not only impress your guests with the sheer uniqueness of it all, but she’ll also warmly welcome patrons and set the tone for what’s sure to be a show-stopping event.

Living Red Carpet and Showgirls florida

Things to Consider When Hosting a Red Carpet Party

  • Suggest a dress code for your event to encourage guests to get glammed up.

  • Hire photographers to emulate paparazzi and take pictures (actual photos which your guests can eventually get copies of!), because what’s a red carpet without anyone to pose for?

  • Make sure someone manages the flow - don’t worry, our Living Red Carpet comes with a PEP representative to help avoid traffic jams between guests.

  • Set up live entertainment. For example, a Vegas-themed event can feature Showgirls. A cirque-themed event can include a contortionist performing! After all, even though the most famous red carpets lead to awards ceremonies, they always sprinkle in festive extras along the way. Just a thought!

Red Carpet event florida

Ready to Host an Event?

For red carpet events and premieres, style and glam are sure to be served from our entertainers. We’d love to bring your entertainment visions to life and can't wait to see the look on your guests' faces.




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