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Lighting Up New Year’s Eve with LED Entertainment

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

When we think of New Year’s Eve, a few classic elements come to mind. An overdose of sparkle, noisemakers to celebrate and, of course, a midnight cheers. Here's a look into how our entertainers can light up the night...

orlando florida LED dancers

Electric Entertainment

To ring in a fresh year, our entertainers pull out all the stops, lighting up parties with their dynamic LED costumes and bright personalities. Nothing is held back on New Year’s Eve.

Events often feature our gorgeous Living Table, one of our most popular entertainment offerings, but this time with LED flair!

Our Party Motivators can don expansive LED wings, keeping the party rocking well past midnight and our entertainers can also carry lit-up trays full of party accessories, getting guests involved in the fun!

LED Strolling Table
new years eve party orlando fl

An exciting add-on are some custom hip-hop dance performances. With our tailor-made shows, clients are guaranteed fun, high-energy performances, encouraging party guests to join in on the dance floor.

Behind-the-Scenes with a PEP Choreographer

Dancing since his junior year of high school, Florida native J.D. gets his inspiration from other choreographers (such as Lyle Beniga), martial arts, and listening to playlists on Spotify for hours on end.

“When you’re just sitting there listening to a song and your body starts twitching, you feel it,” said J.D., when explaining his creative process. “The music just kind of hits you and that’s how you know it’s the right song.”

Florida hip-hop dancers
J.D. (second from left) pictured with PEP hip-hop dancers & Isabel Power, PEP's owner/director.

J.D. explains that the process of choreographing a dance routine is trial and error for him. "I'll set up a camera and just start moving," he said. "Then I'll re-watch the video to see what I like and dislike can be very sporadic."

The final product is a unique blend of hip-hop, taking New Year's Eve events to the next level. Clients are always enthralled by our dancers and custom choreography, a specialty offering that we're proud to present. (Check out footage of their performance here.) Performing to a custom mixed medley of songs, our dancers dazzle the crowd, bringing to life the electric energy of New Year’s Eve.

Let PEP bring some electric energy to your next event!




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