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Birthday Gatsby Bash

Updated: 17 hours ago

1920s dancers florida
Dance Performance

Event Location: Golf Club, Lakeland, Florida

Event Type: Birthday Celebration

Client Request: Bring the Roaring 20s to life with atmosphere entertainment and themed performances!

1920s entertainer florida
1920s Copper

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody! This was one epic bash where guests were surrounded by all things Gatsby. As guests entered the event, our beautiful Flappers greeted them! Some of our Flappers also were strolling around passing out welcome drinks and party favors from our Specialty Trays.

Then, we provided interactive actors - Two 1920s Coppers & a 1920s Mobster! The Coppers roamed the event interrogating guests (in a playful way) on if they'd been up to anything illegal, such as gambling. On the opposite spectrum, our Mobster sidled around (avoiding the coppers of course) and tried to convince guests to buy his moonshine and/or play cards with him! These characters had guests engaging with them and laughing all through the night.

Gatsby dancer orlando

In one of the rooms at the venue, the client had placed two life-size gold birdcages. We filled these with our two Atmosphere Dancers, a lady in one and a gentleman in the other!

And last but not least, for the choreographed stage performance, the client requested something Gatsby but with a modern twist! Click play below to check out our dancers WOW-ing the crowd! And later in the event, our dancers joined guests on the dance floor to keep the party pumping past midnight!

Gatsby performs orlando florida

Hosting a Speakeasy-inspired soiree?

We are your premiere source for themed entertainment. Reach out today so we can help ensure your guests have a roaring good time!




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